FCAP facilities function as learning clinics, serving both student interns and clients:

  • At our main campus, adjacent to Innisfree Village, we train adults with intellectual disabilities as well as select outside clients.
  • At our new Student Health facility at UVA, we train any and all UVA students. 
  • Student interns on a pre-health track receive diverse clinical experience before grad school and beginning their professional careers.
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FCAP Main Campus

FCAP provides an average of over 4,000 clinical visits a year. 63% of clients are Innisfree co-workers; 33% are Innisfree volunteers and staff; 4% are community members. There are no established evaluative metrics for physical therapy within the Intellectually Disabled community; therefore, case studies provide evidence of impact. Innisfree Village’s six-year collaboration with FCAP contributes case studies that are exceptional for the field.

Who We Serve

  • Residents (Coworkers) of Innisfree Village, a lifesharing community for adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Special Olympic Athletes of Virginia 
  • Volunteers and Staff from Innisfree Village
  • Family and friends of co-workers and Special Olympic athletes
  • Select outside clients

Qualified applicants should:

  • Be ambulatory, toilet-trained, and non-aggressive
  • Understand and follow simple instructions
  • Provide medical history by a responsible party 
  • Provide release form prior to a trial period

We are thrilled with Paul’s recent progress. At home over the holiday gave us a great chance to observe and enjoy his progress. He is definitely more “with it,” his balance is better, his understanding and vocabulary clearly better, so what more can we say? Please keep up the great work you all are doing!”

Frank and Lynn McDonough (2022)
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FCAP at UVA Student Health & Wellness (Coming Soon – Fall 2023!)

Consistent with the mission of UVA Student Health, FCAP seeks to better the health and well-being of all UVA students. This model is for the students and by the students, where student-trainers work one-on-one with their peers to help achieve exercise and health-related goals. FCAP at Student Health & Wellness aspires to treat more than 8,000 student-clients per year, and train more than 30 student-interns per year. 

Who We (will) Serve

  • Students with and without disabilities 
  • Students who need guidance with progressive resistance training
  • Students seeking exercise intervention as a means to address mental health-related concerns 
  • Students without insurance policies that cover their desired or necessary level of care 
  • Club or recreational sports athletes who do not have access to medically-based fitness programming or resources 
  • Students seeking injury-prevention and rehabilitation programs to enhance functional longevity