About our Student Medical Fitness Trainers

  • UVA students or gap-year students who are on a pre-health track are eligible for an internship. 
  • The program prioritizes 3rd and 4th year students.
  • Interns are expected to commit 1 year of time. This ensures that the 6-month training process is worth it! 
  • The training process includes three components:
  • Upon completion of training, interns begin to lead, rather than assist, in treatment/exercise sessions until they are cleared to be independent.

Interest Form

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Can you commit to at least two 4-hour shifts (3 preferred) per week?(Required)

Are you able to commit to 1-year or more to this position?(Required)

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They are an underserved population and we have had the opportunity to see how well they respond. That puts us ahead of the rest of the world in understanding. When we leave and get jobs elsewhere, we need to spread that knowledge. It’s up to us to catch the rest of the world up. We may be the ones to make a change.

Liz Wombacher (Intern 2021–23)

What sets my experience at FCAP apart from my other practicum experiences is that it is uniquely hands-on and evidence based, which necessitates a level of critical thinking and problem solving that neither of my other practicum experiences came even close to matching.

Callie Redmond (Intern 2019–21)

This internship class and hands-on experience reinvigorated my efforts in UVA academics. The opportunity to work hands-on with clients one-on-one made me realize how passionate I was about this career path and how much work I was willing to put in to achieve my goal of becoming a PT.

Keila Strick (Intern 2016–18)

I strongly believe that my experience at FCAP is responsible for my ease of entry into graduate school and academic success. I learned to think of the body as an integrated system rather than in isolation, which is integral to understanding pathophysiology and disease processes. I learned clinical skills, such as patient interviewing, how to conduct a physical exam, and documentation. But most importantly, I learned how to function as part of a team and how to advocate and care for those who are different from me.

Hailey Singleton (Intern 2020–22)