Exercise our bodies as they are designed to be used to enhance functional longevity and health. Educate future health professionals to deliver optimal care and provide clients with agency over their health and well-being. Include every body, because everyone deserves access to high quality training in a fun and supportive environment.

Our Mission

Fried Center for the Advancement of Potential (a 501c3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization) provides physical therapy intervention and medical fitness training to persons with and without intellectual disabilities through student intern clinicians in an inclusive environment.

Our Model

Clients receive high-quality, affordable, one-on-one medically-based training service.

Students receive high-quality, hands-on, cutting-edge experiential learning.

FCAP will always hold a very special place in my heart and I treasure the years I got to spend there. It was a privilege to learn from David and get to know the co-workers at Innisfree.

Julie Hanson (Intern 2017–19)

I don't think there is any undergrad experience like FCAP as I got to collaborate and problem solve situations like frontal plane instability and programming individualized exercise plans.

John Kim (Intern 2020–21)

I am endlessly thankful for this job and the people with whom I work – my colleagues and the people we serve, whom we call “co-workers” with respect for the interaction that improves each of us. My experience has helped me evolve into a more open-minded and empathetic caregiver.

Caroline Shevlin (Intern 2021–22)

They are an underserved population and we have had the opportunity to see how well they respond. That puts us ahead of the rest of the world in understanding. When we leave and get jobs elsewhere, we need to spread that knowledge. It’s up to us to catch the rest of the world up. We may be the ones to make a change.

Liz Wombacher (Intern 2021–23)

I consider my years at FCAP, two of the most rewarding and enriching years of my life. David’s model truly puts the patient first and taught me how to prioritize my patients' wellbeing.

Mary Moynihan (Intern 2017–19)

David taught me how to look both at the human body as a whole as well as how to be a contributing part of a team. I learned invaluable personal interaction skills, both with patients and with other team members.

Monni Morrow (Intern 2018–19)

Our Interns

Our team of medical fitness trainers are students seeking careers in health care. Under the guidance of licensed physical therapists, FCAP provides the foundational skills necessary to advance in health-related professions through a combination of hands-on clinical experience and rigorous academic coursework. 98% of our interns have been accepted into the country’s top graduate programs.

Our Clients

FCAP provides one-on-one medically-based fitness sessions through physical therapy intervention, closed-chain functional exercise, and sports performance training. 

At our main campus, we serve individuals with intellectual disabilities and their community. In 2023, FCAP will open a second facility at The Student Health and Wellness Center at the University of Virginia to serve and train students.


We offer affordable services to individuals over the long-term. We offset our fees through donations.

Make a tax-deductible gift to FCAP, which is a 501c3 organization.